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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More photos the Wool-In-Two

The Wool In 2 Diaper is made from 2 layers of felted wool jersey
An outer layer of colorful jersey if you prefer and an inner layer
of natural colored merino jersey.

On the large rise setting the WI2 should fit nicely on most
babies from around 18-20 lbs up until 30-35 lbs
This will depend upon the shape and build of the baby.

To lower the rise (seen above and below) simply fold down the front
of the diaper. The lower rise setting should fit nicely on babies from
approx 10-12 lbs up until 18-20 lbs depending upon build.

The inside of the WI2 diaper has 2 snaps that allow the soaker
to securely snap in.
The extra long, trim snake style snap in soaker allows you
to customize the placement of absorbency.

(ABOVE photo)
For a heavy front wetter, fold the soaker so that
there are 12 layers in the front of the diaper with the contour in the back
For a heavy mid wetter (typically walking girls ;) fold the soaker so
that there are 12 layers right in the middle of the soaker where she needs it
Or, simply fold the soaker in 1/2 to provide 8 layers of absorbency throughout.
If more absorbency is needed, add a doubler (4 layers).
The doubler simply lays in under the snap in (its slightly shorter)

Diaper shown with the snake soaker (ABOVE)
Diaper shown with the booster only as a 4 layer lay in soaker
for the smallest of babies.

The WI2 is made from my Trim-Fit pattern which is nice and
trim through the crotch with a lower rise designed to fit under
the baby 'belly buldge'

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Double Stuffed WI2

The Wool In Two (WI2) Diaper Double Stuffed for nighttime! Modeled by 2.5 year old Miss "L" who is 37" tall and 30 lbs as of this morning. Because of the slight and gentle stretch of the wool jersey she's able to wear the diaper double stuffed on the same snap settings as regularly. She still has plenty of growing room in the waist and the diaper fits perfectly under her belly buldge. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another amazing WAHM!

Courtney is probably one of the most amazing and inspirational women I've ever met over the internet. We are an adoptive family with four kids. Courtney and her hubby, The Rockstar, have 6 biological children and have adopted 4. Amazing.

I so wish that I could fly out to meet her. To live a day in her life...hmmm, really a week. I want and need to know how this everyday mama can do all that she does. Did I mention that she home schools!? Really. Courtney, could you tolerate my company for a week!? :)

In addition to wife-ing, and mom-ing and being her kiddos' teacher she also has started an Etsy shop with all of her amazing photos! Take a peek, I'm certain you'll be amazed!

Courtney's Etsy Shop:

Courtney's Blog:

6 down, 30 to go!

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