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Monday, March 14, 2011

Growing Pains!

Growing Pain ... Ouch!

by Meaghan Munroe Primm on Monday, March 14, 2011 at 1:41pm

Growing Pains... for those who haven't noticed, we're having some! I've kept so busy with custom and local orders that I've not had time to keep instocks up. Add to that several wholesale requests and a rapidly growing need for space for my sewing room/product/rough materials.... and I wanna scream (several times a day actually - my family still loves me, lol) as there is just one of me.

So, why am I announcing this!? ... We are working to resolve this annoying issue of not maintaining instocks. If you're like me you like to know how annoying things are going to go away; if you're not like me then disregard. :-D

1) Buying some time: I will open up the new custom PUL prints tomorrow as planned through next Saturday and then I will pull my custom listings until April 15th. Instocks will remain up until sold. I will be finishing up customs for the next 2 weeks and then have 2 solid weeks to get all my instocks back up to snuff. These 3.5 weeks will give us time to sort through details of how to manage wholesale orders, instocks, customer based custom orders and ... the website.

2) Getting Help w/Production Components: We are working with two local mamas at the moment, one doing my snaps for instocks (she is simply awesome BTW) and one making soakers. I am trying to find another two to help with either more soakers and snaps or ??? This will help me in a big way! This aspect *will* stay local and it *will* stay small - keeping with my goal of moms being able to work from home to help support their family.

3) Getting even more help: I have a friend's daughter coming in (starting tomorrow!!!) two afternoons a week to help watch my kidlets so I have more sewing time without feeling totally guilty and negative because I stuck them on the boob tube for 2 hours trying to steal that time!

4) I am learning that I have to say no, lol. Always sucked at this concept ... I say yes to just about every custom inquiry and in order to be able to provide time for instocks, I will be reformatting how I accept customs. This will likely mean that there will likely be a limited # of custom slots each month.

So, thank you for hanging in there with me! Please don't hesitate to email me.



1 comment:

  1. I totally understand exactly what you are saying and I am having these feelings too. I only wish I could get help with my sewing! I hope you find a good balance and don't stress too much! You are doing great!