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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April's Challenge! Win a Free Diaper!!!

Each month, I post a challenge. Most of my challenges will in some way be benefiting others around your or even your community - basically, "lets make our world a better place!"

For April I want to challenge you to find a way to better our earth. The kids and I recently went to the park on a non-hail/snow day (gotta love spring! :~P) and picked up over 3 FULL bags worth of trash! Now, you don't have to pick up trash, but maybe you and your family are helping your community start a recycling program, or have planted several trees. Perhaps you and your kids are finding creative ways to reuse items that would otherwise be tossed out. Or maybe in place of driving to the library, you and your little ones chose to walk instead. Who knows! Be creative!

Tell me about your way of helping our earth this month! If you have a photo, that's even better!

Rules: Your blog comment MUST contain the following:
1. state how you and your family met the challenge (please actually do something to meet this challenge, the goal is to help our earth be the best it can be!)
2. post your First Name, Last Initial OR your HC user name in the blog entry! ( I need to identify you somehow!)
3. post a link of your favorite eco-friendly PNPBaby item (I'll use this as a guide to choose your free diaper/item! :)

~If you have a photo of your family doing your challenge, feel free to email it to me - I'll post them to blog!

~The free diaper cost the winner nothing and will ship for free within the US. If the winner is not from the US, I do ask that exact shipping be paid by the drawing winner.

~Winner will be randomly chosen May 1st, so be sure to check back if you enter!!!

Let me know if you have any questions!

**Have fun** and thanks for helping make our world a better place!


  1. I cloth diaper! But since I am reading this I'm sure you already know that. I started cloth diapering for the money savings but since I have become so addicted to buying them I am now using them primarily for the environmental factors. I love using cloth diapers and plan to convert as many friend's as possible.

    Kathryn S.

  2. My husband and I have made two significant lifestyle changes this last month to save money and because we like the environment. :] One is to cloth diaper (and not just to cloth diaper but for me to make them) and the second is for him to bike to work. We are very excited about these changes. This is his first week cycling!
    Tori J.

  3. Ahhh, I forgot the link, sorry!

  4. We have been cloth diapering our daughter since she was born, we started to for the saving money factor! And now we are jumping in and starting to use cloth wipes too!

    Kaelyn L.

  5. We have had unusually warm weather here in Indiana since the end of March so we've been opening windows instead of using ceiling fans, AC, etc. It has been nice using the sunlight to light our house and airing out the house naturally, while not only cutting down on our bills but our energy usage as well!
    While I'm waiting on buying some "official" unpaper towels until payday, I've also switched my family over to using cloth for both napkins & paper towels. Right now, I'm using some new cloth wipes that I had stockpiled while we are TTC #6!

    Jennifer M.

  6. Yay for all the steps (large and small) we take to help out! For those of you who are going with cloth wipes or cloth napkins/paper towels, I encourage you to try Family Cloth.

    I know many thinks its horrid, but just give it a shot before you rule it out completely. We've not only cut down our use of regular TP (guest are never expected to use Family Cloth :) ) its also helped our very touchy plumbing system. AND it helps everyone get cleaner!

    Try it!!!

  7. For our part, we started cloth diapering our 2 year old and plan to cloth diaper our new baby due in July. And, we've started walking the kids to school. The diaper I love is the Antique Cars One Sized AI2 --

  8. For our part we've started recycling more. I just turned in some batteries at the natural food store and have discovered that so many things can be recycled!

    Linnea W.

    I love the iced giraffes all-in-two Adorable print!

  9. This month one of the changes we made was, that we got rid of our lawn mower and bought a push mower. The push mower works great so far, we're really digging it. April is a great month for yard work, and we thought we would try to cut back on polluting the air with our push mower, and get some better exercise that way as well. We are going to plant a garden, we bought some tomatoes and will buy more veggies for our garden, and we don't use any pesticides or weed killer on our garden or grass.

    OH and of course we cloth diaper, and cloth wipe :), and I'm planning on buying some mama cloth, would like to buy some and start using it this month...I'm intimidated, but excited to make that switch.

  10. I forgot to add my link...

  11. My family and I just moved into a very nice neighborhood. Noticing it was very quiet, we realized that a good number of houses near us had been foreclosed.. and left empty. It's quite odd not having neighbors, but very peaceful. The garbage seems to pile up in the yards of these houses. People are so careless with their trash! My husband and I do weekly roundups in those yards because we feel it is our duty to help keep the neighborhood beautiful and the earth at least a little cleaner. Trash is tossed, and anything that can be recycled is put out on recycling day. It's the least we can do. We're eco-friendly in that we buy energy saving appliances and electronics. We conserve water too. We've been cloth diapering for over 16 months and haven't regretted one moment!

    Megan P.

    If I am chosen, would it be possible to donate a diaper to Miracle Diapers? They are a fabulous cause and I would really love to donate. Your products are all wonderful, and there is a mama out there somewhere that could benefit from a diaper she may not have the opportunity to buy.

  12. This weekend we are going with my son's boyscout troop to clean up the city parks in our small community. We will be picking up trash and making sure that any natural debris gets removed so we will continue to have a safe place for the kids to play. I love having my son in the boyscouts so he can learn all about helping others and the enviroment. Ilove this diaper you make so many cute ones I am having problems picking the two I want to order.

  13. Well my hubby cleaned up at our apartment outside even tho they should be doing it. He picked up trash and raked so the grass could grow etc. I cloth diaper and plan to continue and we are converting to cloth wipes, re-usable snack bags etc as much as we can to be a greener family. We also have switched ALL of our light bulbs to the more spendy but energy efficent ones.

  14. lol forgot to add my product i like heheheehe.

  15. I love reading all of these! Way to go everyone!!! Megan P, I'd love to donate the diaper to Miracle diapers if you win. :) They are one of the many places I regularly support/donate to.

  16. My family is doing several things to help out the earth. We are planting our own garden and we recently planted some trees in our yard. We use an electric mower and trimmer for the yard. We cloth diaper our son and also recycle.

    Megan M.

    I love love love this diaper!!

  17. I forgot to add that my husband and I installed a low flow shower head in our bathroom to save water.

    Megan M.

  18. I just got my retro owl AI2 and I love it. You did such a great job sewing it and the print is even cuter in person. It fits my LO on the smallest setting so we will have many months of looking cute. I can't wait to see what you have next, i have may 9th circled on my calendar.

  19. April's challenge:
    Tomorrow we are heading up to the inner-city of a northern city in our state and helping the local Americorps group to do a community clean-up. We will be cleaning ditches, painting over graffiti, and building a new playground. I don't have pics yet as we haven't done it, but I'm sure we will take some tomorrow. Here's to hoping the weather is nice!
    I really love your AI2's and fitteds, so gorgeous. I like anything boy-ish. I've had my eye on this one too:
    LOVE your stuff!
    -Val (vkunze @hyenacart)

  20. The last few years I've been reducing our use of disposable items. The first step was cloth diapers when my four-year-old was born, after that I started using cloth rags instead of paper towels when I cleaned around the house, then I moved to a menstrual cup instead of disposable pads and tampons, and now I'm switching to cloth panty liners and cloth napkins. A couple of years ago I stopped using paper plates and just ran the dishwasher more often.
    Kristin B., majorsky on HC
    Love your AI2s. :-)